Enroll Your Building

We appreciate your interest in turning off your building lights to help birds travel safely during spring and fall migration.

If you would like to enroll your commercial building to be recognized in our "Lights Out Heartland" building campaign, please complete the form provided below. Once your form is submitted, we will send you a copy by email of the information submitted to us.

Thank you for agreeing to turn off your building lights! Your commitment to the steps below will protect birds as they migrate at night and forage in urban and suburban landscapes. We look forward to your participation in this community effort to address the dangers that birds face from unneeded artificial light during spring and fall migration. 

The Lights Out Heartland campaign periods are May and September, important migratory months of the year for our region. Below are five actions that we ask you to take to participate in the program, if applicable.

  • Turn off unnecessary exterior and interior lighting, especially near the tops of buildings.
  • Put necessary indoor and exterior lighting on timers or use motion sensors.
  • Make sure external lighting is down shielded.
  • Dim or extinguish lobby or atrium lighting.
  • Block indoor lights that can be seen from the outside, especially near the top of building by drawing shades or closing blinds.

Note: It is particularly important to take these measures between the hours of midnight and sunrise. 

Your organization agrees that "recognition information" submitted on this form can be posted on this website and websites of "Lights Out Heartland Partners". If you are unable to provide your organization's logo during this submission, you can complete the form without providing your logo and sent it later by email.  

Provide information for your building location being enrolled. This information will be posted to our website.

Provide us information to contact you, if needed.



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